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Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival Artist's Application



Nappanee, Indiana
August 3-6, 2017



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Please read all sections below before selecting the Online or Fillable PDF Application



Section  J  LODGING




Section C  FEES


Full Application PDF




Winners 2012

Calling all Artists! Calling all Artists! Apply today for the 55th Annual Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival held at Amish Acres, in Nappanee, Indiana, an eighty-acre Amish farm listed in The National Register of Historic Places.

The American Bus Association chose Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival as one of its TOP 100 Events in North America in 2016, an unprecedented 8th time in 9 years.

The festival and marketplace are located outdoors around the farm’s pond. Richard Pletcher, founder of the festival and Amish Acres, remains CEO and Jennifer Pletcher Wysong is the festival director, with the fourth generation involved in the event.

The readers of Sunshine Artist magazine have ranked the festival 35th on the 2014 Classic
and Contemporary Crafts Best 100. Travel Trade Magazine’s Focus 500 lists Amish Acres first among its top ten attractions for group travel in Indiana. Senior Group Traveler chose
the festival as its only Indiana selection included in their Editor’s Choice List of Outstanding
Festivals and Major Events: one of only seventy nationwide. This national recognition has been earned by the exhibitors and the festival’s staff.

The historic farm is a heritage resort featuring eighteen restored historic buildings, guided tours, Amish horse and buggy rides, family style Threshers Dinners, musical theatre, domestic crafts, demonstrations, shops and lodging. Visit for an overview of the resort.
The show is promoted with extensive local, regional and national print, outdoor, television, radio, Internet, email, social media, and direct mail advertising with online retail opportunities to attract buyers specifically interested in unique hand crafted products. The festival’s target audience encircles Nappanee from Chicago to Indianapolis, Toledo, Detroit and Grand Rapids.

Over five decades the festival has earned the respect of talented artisans from across the country because of its sales history, ommitment to quality, juried products and family friendly but business-oriented approach to show management. The show is limited to approximately 300 booth spaces, with nearly 250 cities in over 30 states represented by exhibitors. Read Richard Pletcher's Rememberances


Section A

Like a crazy quilt sampler of old, The Competition highlights the talents from all 300 artists under one big top tent for the festival’s visitors to marvel at the array of talent. It is the center point of the festival. From the 900 pieces displayed over $5,000 in cash prizes are awarded, including two $1,000 Best of Show Purchase Prizes for two and three dimensional work. Popular awards chosen by the festival’s visitors add buzz and excitement to The Competition.

1. Required Entry: Each artist is required to enter three (3)
pieces representative of their work in the competition.

2. Required Check-in: These pieces will be checked into the
Competition Tent Headquarters at registration and before booth

3. Categories: The six (6) categories are 1. Crafts, 2. Glass, Pottery, and Sculpture, 3. Drawing,
Painting, and Photography 4. Jewelry, 5. Textiles and Wearable Art, 6. Woodworking.

4. Judging: Professional judging will take place Thursday morning and winners will be announced at 1 p.m. at a press conference. Winners must attend the press conference in the one room school for photographs.

5. Purchase Prizes: All pieces in the competition must be eligible for the two $1,000 Best of Show Purchase Prizes. Artists must sign their understanding that acceptance of the award constitutes selling the winning piece to the festival for $1,000 regardless of listed price.

6. Awards: $500 First Place Blue Ribbons will be chosen in six categories with second place red and third place white ribbons also awarded. Awards are given for the most popular booth by popular vote. Visitor prize drawings increase the interest of shoppers.

7. Sales: Shoppers interested in purchasing pieces in the Competition Tent will be directed to the artist at his/her booth. Pieces sold and removed from the Competition Tent must be replaced with a similar item before they are released to the artist.

8. Pick Up: Pieces are to be picked up between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

9. Security: Security is provided but Amish Acres assumes no liability for damage or loss of the pieces in competition. Exhibitors are considered independent contractors and are encouraged to obtain their own insurance. Back to Top

Section B

The heart of the festival is The Marketplace that surrounds Amish Acres farm pond and gravel lanes. It is divided into four colorful sections with aisles and booth numbers marked and featured in the festival’s program. Here folk meets art and art meets folks in a bustling bazaar. The steady stream of entertainment on four stages and roving performers plus children’s activities galore and food concoctions in many flavors, all within the unique atmosphere of historic Amish Acres Historic Farm and Heritage Resort, make the weekend a special respite.

1. Location: All spaces are outdoors and on grass.
Not all ground is perfectly level; exhibitors are advised to bring leveling devices for displays and to cover low spots. Exhibitors provide their own tables, chairs, etc.

2. Space: One space per artist. Exhibitors may not sublet or apportion space to anyone. No person will be excluded from participation due to discrimination in regard to services, programs and employment based on color, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age or religion.

3. Tents: White canopies are preferred; however other colors may be acceptable. No silver/grey tarps or rental tents from outside suppliers are permitted. All tents must be flame retardant and comply with fire safety guidelines. Adequate weights and a tie down system must be implemented to bar against causing damage to neighboring tents in the event of wind.

4. Booth Sizes: Four sizes of spaces are available when providing your own tent:
10’ wide x 12’ deep        15’ wide x 12’ deep
20’ wide x 12’ deep        30’ wide x 12’ deep

5. Stables: Two sizes of spaces are available under the tent provided:
15’ wide x 15’ deep        30’ wide x 15’ deep
A limited number of premium Stalls are available in “The Stables,” a collection of
OUTDOOR tents in which exhibitors display side by side and share a common exterior aisle and curtain with neighbors. No hassle, plenty of elbow room, high ceilings with cross ventilation, minimize setup and break down, closest trailer storage and closest entry gates. Stable Stalls are approximately 15’W x 15’D. Corner spaces in the stables cost extra and are not guaranteed. If you select “The Stables” location, you do not need to pack or bring your own tent, but you still provide your own tables, skirting, backdrops, etc.

6. Emerging Artist Scholarships: An emerging artist must have a solid body of work, completed in the last 2 years. An emerging artist scholarship applicant, while having a developed & cohesive body of work (not a beginner), should not currently be earning a living as a professional artist. This scholarship should be viewed as an opportunity to “jump start” a professional art career. Only regional applicants, living within a 100-mile radius of Nappanee, will be eligible for an introductory reduced application fee. The number of scholarships is limited. Email or call (574) 773-4188 extension 213 for details.

7. Consignment Opportunities: The Shops at Amish Acres accept consignment products from
accepted exhibitors for year round sales. Call Kim Keiser for details.


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Section C

There are no Jury fees! All artists will be notified of their acceptance status by May 15. Application checks will be deposited upon receipt. Canceled checks do not mean acceptance. Refund checks will be issued for those not accepted. A $30 fee will be charged for any returned checks.

1/3 Deposit Due with Application with the Balance of Fees Due by June 4, 2017

1. Exhibitor Space Fee:
Exhibitor Provides Own Tent
        a. 10’ wide x 12’ deep = $ 495
        b. 15’ wide x 12’ deep = $ 675
        c. 20’ wide x 12’ deep = $ 995
        d. 30’ wide x 12’ deep = $1,495

2. Stable Fee:
Tent Provided
        a. 15’ wide x 15’ deep = $ 795
        b. 30’ wide x 15’ deep = $ 1,595
A limited number of stalls are available and are subject to availability. 30’ wide tents, artists are back to back facing out, shoppers are on the outside looking in. The Stables are the closest section of the marketplace to the two main entry gates and stable artists may park trailers close by for easy set up and inventory control.
A corner space is available for $50 and is not guaranteed. Corner upcharge will be refunded if not available.

3. Optional Fees:
Camping: Forty dollar ($40) camping fee for four (4) nights of camping on site location. No electrical hookups or dump station offered. Generators are acceptable; camp fires are not.        Early Set Up: $75 - Set up on Tuesday, August 4 before the grounds are crowded.

4. Sales Tax:
Exhibitors are responsible for collecting and paying their own 7% Indiana Sales Tax on their product sales to the Indiana Department of Revenue, Sales Tax Division, 100 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2253. Call (574) 291-8270 South Bend office phone with questions.

  1. The Following Examples Illustrate How to Fill In an Application and Contract:

For an exhibitor applying for a 10' x 12' space
Exhibitor Fee    $495
Stable Upgrade    $0
Camping Fee    $0
Total $475 X 1/3 down payment = down payment total of $165 due with application. Sales tax applicable to total booth and camping fees and will be collected by June 3 balance due date.

For an exhibitor applying for a 15’ x 15’ space in the Stables
Exhibitor Fee $795
Camping Fee $0
Total $792 X 1/3 down payment = down payment total of $265 due with application
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Section D


By sending in a signed application, slides, or digital images and down payment, the artist guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of the description of products to be offered. A government ID may be requested at check in. Exhibitors are recognized and dealt with by one or two first and last names(s). Business names will be used in promotion and all work must be original and created by the exhibitor.

  1. 1. Exhibitor Created: No agents may apply or represent a booth during the festival. No imports, kits, items made from kits, commercial patterns or items made from parts of endangered species are permitted. Items that can be classified as a weapon are prohibited. Violation of this policy has become the greatest threat to the integrity of the arts & crafts industry. Get the picture? Amish Acres reserves the right to refuse entry or deny exhibition of any item deemed inappropriate and will request its removal. Amish Acres will cooperate with any authorized agency concerning trademark violations.

  2. 2. Digital Images: Applicants must submit five (5) digital images (jpegs at 700 x 700 pixels) via email that are representative of their work, including one of their total booth presentation/display and one of work in progress showing artist in studio or shop. Attach jpegs directly to an email, do not paste into a separate document. No CD's are accepted. Email images to with exhibitor first and last name clearly indicated on the email subject line and jpeg file names. Exhibitors may only show work typified by the digital images submitted. Booths will be visited during the show by the standards committee to assure compliance and maintain the integrity of the event.

  3. 3. Prints: Applicants may submit five (5) 4" x 6" prints in lieu of digital images.  Include a standard business-size #10 SASE with sufficient postage for return of the prints. Prints must be labeled with first and last name in order to have them returned to you. Amish Acres is not responsible for print damage or loss during return. Prints will be returned to all accepted applicants by the completion of the show.

  4. 4. Online PDF Applications: PDF applications are available online at and may be faxed to (574) 773-4180, scanned and emailed to or mailed to Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival, 1600 West Market Street, Nappanee, IN 46550. The application may be photo copied and distributed to friends and colleagues.

  5. 5. Online Application with Credit Card Deposit: Visit for Online Application with Credit Card Deposit (Alternate Payment Method Convenience Fee Required)

  6. 6. Pricing: All work must be for sale and realistically priced, including pieces entered in the competition.

  7. 7. Notification Date: May 15, 2017: Booth assignments will be given upon check-in and receipt of three Competition Tent pieces on 8/1/12

  8. 8. Latest Cancellation Refund Date: May 20, 2017: Less $75 processing fee

  9. 9. Check-in and Setup: Wednesday, August 2 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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Section E

Artists are invited to set up on Wednesday, August 5 between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Booth assignment is at the Competition Tent where pieces are dropped off for display. Spaces not occupied by 5:00 p.m. on August 5 may be filled with standby exhibitors with no refund.

1. Early set up option: A limited number of exhibitors will be allowed to set up early on Tuesday, 8/4/15, at a pre-arranged time. Early set up exhibitors must check in and receive their packet and location assignment with signed approval prior to set up. There is a fee of $75
associated with this option.

2. Exhibitors: are required to be setup during festival hours all four (4) days of the event. Exhibitors leaving the show before closing may be refused acceptance in future festivals. Vehicles are not allowed in the marketplace during show hours for safety purposes. Be prepared for inclement weather with rain covers, tie downs and weights. Bring dollies to transport merchandise; in the case of inclement weather, vehicles are not permitted
on grass aisles.

3. Booth appearance: Booths must be set up and decorated in harmony with the family flavor of the festival. Extra stock and storage boxes are to be stored neatly and hidden from view. No smoking is allowed in or adjacent to festival booths. Smoking is allowed in designated areas.

4. Booth Assignments: Booth assignments are made to create an appealing mix of media and are at the discretion of the marketplace director. While location requests are taken under consideration, no guarantees can be made. Previous participation does not guarantee acceptance or same booth assignment.

5. Amplified Sound: In an effort to provide a pleasant selling environment for all artists involved, amplification of music within a booth is discouraged. Exhibitors selling musical instruments and music amplification must be approved by the marketplace director and kept at a level to not intrude on neighboring booths.

6. Electricity: Amish Acres provides a duplex outlet at no charge. It is provided for lighting and cash registers only, limited to 200 watts, approx. 1.5 amps. No appliances (microwave, refrigerators, toaster ovens, etc) are allowed. Fans are permitted that do not cause overloading. Heavy duty, 3 wire grounded extension cords are required. No two wire extension cords are allowed. The rule of thumb is moderation. Amish Acres may ask exhibitors to reduce the number of lights if overloading problems affect other artists. If you are demonstrating your trade and feel you require additional electricity, please note on application and call for pricing. No generators or oil lamps are permitted.

7. Artist Parking: Artist parking is located in the North Lot near the marketplace. Trailers may be dropped as of Sunday, August 2, 2015. The lot will be flagged in rows for artist parking. The East Lot near the Stables will not be available for any artist parking until Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 8 a.m. At that point, 2 rows of unhitched trailer only parking will be available at the discretion of the parking director. Trailers will need to remain stationary for the duration of the show.

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Section F

An orderly conclusion to the festival is the biggest compliment the
festival and artists can give each other. The traditional singing of
“On the Road Again” and the blaring horns symphony, puts the 53rd
annual event into the festival’s colorful history book.

1. Break down: after 5 p.m. Sunday. No vehicles are allowed on the grounds until after the show closes. To avoid commotion, you may delay break down until Monday; however, Amish Acres, LLC will not be
responsible or liable in any way for your booth or merchandise.

2. Retrieval of Competition Pieces: Pieces in the Competition Tent are to be picked up by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. Forgotten pieces not claimed at Amish Acres within two weeks after the show become the property of Amish Acres, LLC.
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Section G

Each artist receives $200 worth of benefits. The festival has become a vacation as well as a working marketplace for many families. Four stages of entertainment, strolling performers, dozens of food booths operated by Amish Acres, swan paddle boat rides, combine to give the festival its unique character that has become an institution over the last five decades.

  1. Free Lunch: Who says there's no free lunch? Exhibitors will enjoy one sandwich platter and beverage from 7 Windows

  2. Free Theatre: Two Free Round Barn Theatre tickets to the first 52 exhibitor reservations

  3. Free Advertisement: A listing on

  4. Exhibitor Ads: A limited number of exhibitor ads are for sale in the official festival program. All exhibitors receive a free listing in the program. Call for details.

  5. Jury Fee: There is no Jury Fee and No Commission!

  6. Packages: You may make arrangements to ship and receive packages via FedEx or UPS.

  7. Credit Card Transactions: You may make arrangements to download nightly credit card transactions in Amish Acres offices at no charge. An ATM is available.

  8. Food Discounts: 20% off all festival food and drink excluding alcoholic beverages

  9. Reserved Toilets and First Aid: Exhibitor only portable toilets and on-site paramedics

  10. Free Lunch Delivery: Arrange lunch delivery at the Competition Tent Headquarters

  11. Exhibitor Express Line: An express line is reserved for exhibitors at the Seven Windows Food Shed

  12. Facebook: Get the inside scoop on the festival at Amish Acres Facebook page

  13. 54th Annual Excitement: As the festival celebration unfolds, you will receive the periodic Amish Acres Gazebo Gazette newsletters with opportunities for your participation in the fun and festivities. Back to Top

Section H

Jenni Wysong with Lu FullerLocation: Amish Acres, 1600 W. Market St., U.S. 6, Nappanee, IN 46550
Questions: Contact Marketplace Director, (574) 773-4188, Becky Maust Cappert, ext. 213,
Website:, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr
Dates: Thursday through Sunday, August 3 through 6, 2017
Hours: Thursday through Saturday 9 to 6, Sunday 10 to 5
Public Admission: Adults $7, Seniors & Students $6, Children under 12 free. General parking is free. Priority parking is available. Back to Top

Section I

  1. Discounts: As an exhibitor, your name badge allows you to receive 20% discounts on festival food and drink. Amish Acres restaurants are not included. An artist express line is located at the north window of the Seven Window Food Shed. Discounted dinner and theatre specials will accompany acceptance letters.

  2. Final Word: The marketplace director reserves the right to remove any work which might be objectionable to the average viewing public and make final interpretation of all conditions which may apply.

  3. Pricing: Discount pricing is discouraged and distracting from the image of the festival. Promotions are permitted, buy two, get one, etc.

  4. Children: Exhibitor's children must be under adult supervision at all times on Amish Acres grounds, The Inn at Amish Acres and The Nappanee Inn.

  5. Pets: Pets are not allowed on festival grounds with the exception of seeing-eye and service dogs.

  6. Safety: Crafts persons using an open flame must provide a shield and have a fire extinguisher present as well as a warning sign. Crafts persons making, selling or sampling edible products must adhere to Elkhart County Health Department regulations and carry commercial general liability insurance on $1,000,000 providing a certificate of insurance listing Amish Acres, LLC as named insured within 30 days of acceptance.

  7. Clean Up: Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own booth area at the conclusion of the festival. Back to Top

Section J

The Inn at Amish Acres is the festival’s host hotel within walking distance from the marketplace. Artists receive 20% off of rack rates, a welcome basket for the weekend and ice coupons to redeem on the festival grounds. Hotel guests receive complimentary hot breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and in-room coffee makers. The artist hospitality room provides peace and quiet with work tables, bottomless cookie jar, coffee and drinks. The Nappanee Inn is the economical sister hotel to The Inn at Amish Acres.

  1. The Inn at Amish Acres (white hotel adjacent to Amish Acres), 1234 West Market Street, Nappanee, IN 46550 (574) 773-2011.

  2. The Nappanee Inn (red hotel 1/2 mile west of Amish Acres on U.S. 6), 2004 West Market Street, Nappanee, IN 46550 (574) 773-5999.

  3. Reservations: Please call week days between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the Inn at Amish Acres directly to make reservations for both inns or to confirm reservations made during last year's show for 2014. Advance deposit is required. Additional lodging information is available upon request.

  4. Camping: Camping is available in the north field. Self contained campers are welcome. No hook- ups or dumping station on site. Men's and women's showers are available. No camp fires are allowed in the camping area. Camping fee is $40 total. Back to Top

Section K

Full Application
2017 Artist & Crafstmen Application to Exhibit (PDF)

Fillable PDF Application
2017 Artist & Craftsmen Applicaton to Exhibit (PDF)

Online Application
2017 Artist & Craftsmen Applicaton to Exhibit
Online Application with a deposit by credit card.

There are no jury fees! A new Emerging Artist's Program has been added for this milestone year. Email or call (800) 800-4942 extension 213 for information. Back to Top

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