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About Amish Acres Historic Farm & Heritage Resort

The Only Amish Farm Listed in The National Register of Historic Places


Main Amish HouseExperience the restoration of the Stahly-Nisley-Kuhns farmstead, the only Amish farm listed in The National Register of Historic Places. Widow Barbara Stahly and her five sons migrated from Germany to the southwest corner of Elkhart County, in 1839, making them, according to University of Chicago historian James Landing, likely the first Amish settlers in Indiana.

By 1873 son Christian had acquired eighty acres of land to build a house and barn for his son Moses. From that beginning rose the main house in 1893. Moses Stahly sold the farm to his wife's cousin, Noah Nisley, who at his retirement, in turn sold it to his son-in-law Manasses Kuhns. Moses sold the farm because he was moving his family to Kansas.

Home & Away MagazineThe farm was purchased from the Kuhns estate for the purpose of preserving the buildings and traditions of the three generations of Amish families who lived on the farm and tilled the soil.

Following a year of meticulous restoration Amish Acres opened to the public in 1970. Since then visitors have experienced life as it was and in most families continues to be lived by the Amish surrounding Nappanee. See the recent article in Home & Away magazine for an overview of the farm's activities.


Amish AcresTraditional Amish House and BuggyEscape to Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana and share the heritage of these intriguing people in quiet celebration of America’s tolerance for diversity. Time stopped over a century ago and preserves, in the Amish, a way of life adhering to nearly forgotten patterns of living in today’s fast paced world. The legacy of the three generations of the family who lived here is seen and felt through a nostalgic visit to the farm and homestead.


Amish AcresDiscover the tools and trappings of yesteryear and relax as you view the documentary films, walk the oaken floorboards of the 138 year old Amish homestead, and take a leisurely farm wagon ride around the 80 acre farm. You’ll learn the whys and ways of the Amish as your guide winds you through the twelve room white frame house, the Grossdaadi Haus, the Schwietzer bank barn and inviting outbuildings. You’ll experience the sights and sounds of a working farm, alive with barnyard hens, livestock, gardens and apple orchard.


Hours, Directions and Time Zone
Directions to and from Amish Acres.

The Attractions
An introduction to the attractions that make Amish Acres a unique place for all ages to visit. Wheelchairs are available at the entry to Amish Acres, howerver strollers and wheelchairs cannot enter all buildings due to the historic nature of the farmstead.

History of Amish Acres and Amish Society
A wealth of knowledge indexed into a library of nearly a half century of historic preservation and cultural study

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