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Horse & Buggy Rides*


Horse and Buggy Ride

Amish Society has depended on its horses and buggies for transportation for 300 years




Amish AcresAn Amish horse and buggy ride is the perfect ending to a visit to Amish Acres Historic Farm & Heritage Resort. Begin your visit with the PastPort, your visa ticket to the guided tour of the historic farmstead, the documentary Genesis and Exodus of the Amish, and the farm wagon ride around the farm's pond with stops at the German one room schoolhouse.


Then climb aboard at the Wagon Shed and enjoy your unique experience as sleek standard breed horses pull traditional black Amish buggies down the gravel lane around the historic farm's pond and through the woods. The nostalgic clip clop of the horse's hooves is still a prevalent sound along Nappanee's county roads and city streets.

Betsie and Buttercup arrive at Amish AcresThe farm wagon ride along the gravel lanes around the pond stops at the German one room schoolhouse. The school marm will instruct you in the teaching and manners of Amish private schools surrounding Nappanee.

Downtown in Nappanee Amish hitching racks and buggy sheds invite Amish neighbors to shop and use the library plus visit McDonalds, Ace Hardware and Martin's Supermarket on the east side of town. Covered shed, designed and built by Amish carpenters with donated labor stand in every downtown parking lot and at the historic railroad depot plaza.

*The availability of horse and buggy rides is dependent upon demand, weather, and the guests and horses safety.