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History of Amish Acres and Amish Society

Amish Society


One of the World's most Facinating Cultures is Rich in History

Often misunderstood and confused with other small sects, the Amish history is sorted into fact and fiction. With roots firmly planted in the Reformation, the Amish remain a success story that has stood the test of time arriving before the Revolution in Pennsylvania to escape persecution in Europe in startling ways. Indiana has become the second largest Old Order Amish settlement in America. The first Amish settlers in Indiana settled on farms surrounding what is now Nappanee.

Amish Acres History
Amish Acres Personal Remembrances and Anecdotes.

Amish Acres Original Plan Notes
Richard Pletcher's original hand written outline of the dream for Amish Acress as presented to the board of directors.

Amish Acres Original Restoration Schedule
Richard Pletcher's original hand written outline of the restoration needs of Amish Acres.

A secular view of the historic events that eventually led to today's Amish Society.

A timetable of developments from the beginning of recorded history.

Sources of publications about the Amish society.

Beginning with the Reformation forward to contemporary society.

Frequently asked questions about Amish Society.

Names and terms related to Anabaptism, Amish, horse farming, 19th century household and farm terms.

Guide for Children and Students
Bibliography for younger guests.

Chief 5 Medals
Potowatomi Indiana chief who sought to live peacefully among his new white neighbors.

Woodworking Heritage of Nappanee
One of the country's woodworking centers.

Nappanee Main & Market Streets
An Indiana Main Street Program through The National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Pletcher Family History
The history of the Pletcher family, founders of historic Amish Acres.

Lenore Pletcher
Co-founder of Amish Acres dies at age 89.

Locke Town
Forerunner village of Nappanee.

School Buggy
History of the horse-drawn school buggy.

First Mennonite Church
Celebrated 125 years in 2000; Nappanee's first church.

Christian Stahly
Pioneer of Elkhart County: A family history.

Barbara Stahly Headstone
Perhaps Indiana's first Amish settler, Barbara Stahly's headstone has been preserved and replaced.

Albert Kuhns drawings
Detailed drawings of the milk and mail trains through Nappanee in the early 20th century

Crossing Guard shed from B&O Railroad at Nappanee
Saved from destruction, the crossing guard station now sits at the corner of two lanes proudly guarding its intersection as it was designed to do.