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Top Ten Questions and Answers

1. Are you Amish?
(Female) If I were Amish I would be wearing a plain colored dress with a cape and a prayer cap. Most of the Amish employees here work in the kitchen and bakery. They usually prefer to stay out of the public eye.
(Male) If I were Amish I would be wearing barn-door pants, a plain colored shirt and, if married, a full untrimmed beard without a mustache. Most of the Amish employees here work in the kitchen and bakery. They usually prefer to stay out of the public eye.

2. Where can we see Amish?
With your tour of the farm you will receive a countryside map with a suggested route to see many Amish farms. They are usually white houses, barns and outbuildings, without electric lines running to them from the road. Look for horse drawn implements in the fields. You will often see Amish driving their horses and buggies along the country roads and in downtown Nappanee. There are horse sheds located in parking lots that usually are filled. You will see Amish on the streets of Nappanee and in the stores. Just be friendly, they are. And remember to honor their wish to not have their pictures taken.

3. What is the difference between Amish and Mennonite?

Mennonite, from Meno Simon, founder of the Anabaptist church in Holland, is the general name given to many sects of the Anabaptist wing of the Reformation, including the Swiss Brethren from which the Amish split in 1693.

4. Are Amish Christians?
Amish are Christians from the most radical wing of the Reformation that created the Protestant denominations as separate from the Roman Catholic Church.

5. Do Amish perform in the plays?
No, our actors are professionals and theatre is not a condoned profession of the Amish. Amish are encouraged to live a rural, agrarian lifestyle. We hold auditions for our acting company in New York and Chicago, as well as here in the Round Barn Theatre.

6. Why is there electricity here (often asked by school children)?
Amish Acres is a historic restoration of an actual Amish farm. Electricity is necessary to operate the restaurant, shops and work buildings.

7. Can we take pictures?
You are encouraged to take all of the photographs you wish. Please honor the wish of the Amish people themselves to not be photographed.

8. Where are the Amish churches?
Old Order Amish church services are held in the homes of the congregation. Services are passed around to different families throughout the year. This practice is partially to honor Amish forefathers who had to worship in secret to escape persecution in Europe.

9. Do people leave the Amish faith?
Some younger people do. The percentage is approximately 1/3. This relationship has remained constant for quite awhile and is not increasing.

10. Do they smoke and drink?
Amish are pre-Victorian in their view of morals. Smoking is often permitted among the men and the use of alcohol for medicinal purposes is common.