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Pletcher Family History

The Pletcher family name was common in Schleitheim, in the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, in the 15th century. The Pletchers were nearly all land owners, all were Catholic and they were classed a noble family. The name had various spellings such as Pletscher, Bletscher, Platscher, Ploetscher due to the region the family lived in. Around 1520 to 1530, the Pletcher's broke from the Catholic faith and became Anabaptists, known as Swiss Brethren or Mennonites.

Since the Church of Switzerland was Catholic, Mennonites were persecuted and sometimes exiled. At the end of the Thirty Year War (1648), many fugitive Mennonites fled Switzerland into the Palatineate region of Germany. Since church records rarely give information about Mennonites, the names were not preserved.

The first Pletchers migrated to Pennsylvania, later to Ohio. Many of the Pletchers  who migrated to Indiana settled in Elkhart County. According to the Mennonite Quarterly, two Elkhart County Bishops, Jacob Wisler and John F. Funk divided on issues in 1871. Most of the Northern Ohio Mennonite churches followed Wisler. Their group was called the Wislers and the other the Funks. They took issue with Henry Pletcher's preaching in English and the congregation also took a stand against holding evening services. So most of the Pletcher's left for Indiana. Preacher Henry Pletcher and his family followed in 1882. He became one of the ministers of the Yellow Creek congregation in Elkhart County. He was violently opposed to the use of tobacco and had difficulty working with the Elkhart County ministers. Henry was "silenced" and John F. Funk charged that he "talked too much." After he was silenced, he continued his connection with the Mennonite Church and donated the land on which the Salem Mennonite church stands.

Samuel Pletcher, born January 29, 1750, in Germany, married Elizabeth Yoder, 1771, in Lancaster, Penn. Samuel's son, Jacob, born March 11, 1790, in Lancaster, Penn., married Barbara Nestlerode. Jacob's son Christian, born December 31, 1825, in Crawford, Ohio, married Mary Catherine Enders, in 1862. Christian's son, Noah Pletcher, born February 15, 1866, in Harrison Township, Elkhart County, was married to Emma Anderson in 1891, and died April 16, 1937. His son Clayton, born September 3, 1893, in Alabama, married Elsie Fetters in 1913, died October 23, 1957. Clayton's son LaVern Pletcher, was born May 5, 1914, and married Lenore Doering, May 26, 1935. LaVern's son Richard Pletcher, born April 5, 1941, married Susan Templeton, January 26, 1964. LaVern and Richard founded Amish Acres in 1968.