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Beauty and the Beast Costumes

Beast and Rose

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is the classic story of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped by a spell placed on him by an Enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed to his former self, but time is running out. Disney's Beauty and the Beast has become an international sensation that has played to over 35 million people in 13 countries. Originally produced on the Joseph Stein Stage in 2005, all of the originally made costume pieces have been rented out by more than a dozen companies in the past decade.




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Primary Characters

Secondary Characters
Production Shots
Rental Policies
Production Shots
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Costume Plot & Pricing Guide

Primary Characters


Belle Blue Dress


Belle 1:
(a) Blue Embroidered Bodice w/ Matching Skirt - $240
(b) Embroidered White Apron - $30
(c) White Blouse w/ tearaway sleeve - $30
(d) Navy Blue Cape - $90
*Wig available for rental.

Belle Pink Dress


Belle 2:
(a) Pink & White Floral Print Dress- $240
(b) Long Crinolin - $90

Belle Gold Dress


Belle 3:
(a) Gold Ball Gown (Bodice, Skirt w/attached petticoat) - $480
(b) Hoop Petticoat - $90
(c) White Lace Gloves - $18
*Wig available for rental.



Beast 1:
(a) Purple stretch pants w/ velcroed harness access (L-XL) - $60
(b) White Shirt (2XL) - $30
(c) Muscle Suit - $90
(d) Navy Blue Tailcoat (L-XL) - $120
(e) Black Boots w/ Beast toes* (10) - $90
(f) Purple Cape - $90
(g) Beast Hands* - $35
*Two pairs available
**Two sets of masks & wigs available for rental.

Beast Formal


Beast 2:
(a) Blue Velvet embossed Tailcoat (L-XL) - $240
(b) Purple Sash - $24
(c) Coat matching hair bow - $12
(d) Purple Vest (L) - $30
(e) Gold Jabot (10) - $35
*Same shirt and pants as Beast 1.



Lumiere 1:
(a) Black pants w/ Gold Detail - $30
(b) White Shirt - $30
(c) Blue Tailcoat (M-L) - $120
(d) Gold collar piece - $90
(e) Gold belt - $35
(f) Gold Boots (10.5) - $60
*Wig available for rental.
**Flame trick hands also available for rental.

Human Lumiere


Lumiere 2:
(a) Black pants - $20
(b) White Shirt - $30
(c) Black vest - $20
(d) White lace jabot - $20
(e) Gold belt - $35
(f) Gold Boots (10.5) - $60
*Same shirt and tailcoat as Lumiere 1.



Cogsworth 1:
(a) Brown knickers (XL) - $50
(b) Brown Sleeves - $30
(c) Clock Piece (Shipped Separately)- $480
(d) Head piece - $120
(e) Brown boots - $60
(f) Brown Tights (XL) - $20
*Wig available for rental.

Human Cogsworth


Cogsworth 2:
(a) Velvet vest w/ embossed floral pattern (XL -2XL) - $60
(b) Brown brocade frock coat (XL-2XL) - $240
(c) White lace jabot - $20
*Same shirt and knickers as Cogsworth 1.

Mrs. Potts


Mrs. Potts 1:
(a) White blouse w/ one burgundy brocade sleeve (Small) - $50
(b) Teapot (Shipped separately) - $1, 200
(c) Headpiece - $120
*Wig available for rental.

Human Mrs. Potts


Mrs. Potts 2:
(a) Brown blouse (M) - $30
(b) Orange skirt - $50
(c) Mob cap - $20
(d) Embroidered white apron- $50
(e) White underskirt (M) - $75
(f) Gold Boots (10.5) - $60



Babette 1:
(a) Brown dress with feather detail below knee and matching shrug (M-L) - $600
(b) Gold chestpiece (M-L) - $150
(c) Gloves - $35
(d) Gold collar piece - $35
*Wig & Feather Duster available for rental.

Human Babette


Babette 2:
(a) Black leotard w/ ruffled collar and cuffs (M-L) - $90
(b) White underskirt w/ ruffle detail (M-L) - $60
(c) Black overskirt w/ ribbon trim (M-L) - $60
(d) Maid cap - $10
(e) Apron - $20
(f) Choker - $30

Bouche Exterior


Madame de la Grande Bouche 1:
(a) Wardrobe (Shipped Separately) - $400
(b) Gloves - $20
(c) Headpiece - $230
*Blouse not provided.
**Brunhilda helmet available for rental.

Human Bouche


Madame de la Grande Bouche 2:
(a) Blue & White gown (bodice & skirt w/ attached pannieres) - $480
*Wig available for rental.



(a) Green tunic w/ brocade trim (Child 10) - $50
(b) Orange knickers (Child 10-12) - $25
(c) Teacup Headpiece - $240

Gaston Red


Gaston 1:
(a) Red tunic w/ yellow collar (L-XL) - $75
(b) Black pants - $30
(c) Leather Belt (42"+) & Cuffs - $150
(d) Red Patent Leather Boots (Men's 12) - $75
*Wig available for rental.

Gaston Brown


Gaston 2:
(a) Brown tunic (L-XL) - $75
(b) Black shirt w/ red embroidered detail - $60



(a) Burgundy shirt (M-L) - $35
(b) Olive pants - $40
(c) Jacket matching scarf - $50
(d) Rust Corduroy Cutaway Coat (M)- $225
(e) Striped Corduroy Vest (M) - $100
*Wig available for rental.


Secondary Characters

(a) Black Courdory Kneelength Pants (38-42) - $50
(b) Brown plaid vest - $30
(c) Striped socks - $20
(d) Tab-Collar shirt - $35
(e) Scarf - $15
(f) Inventor's Hat - $100
*Wig available for rental.



Silly Girls:
(a) White Peasant Blouse - $30 (each)
(b) Green, Orange & Turquoise bodices w/ matching skirts (S, M, L-XL) - $60 (each)
(c) Matching aprons - $20
*Three total Silly Girls available
*Wigs available for rental.


Silly Girls














Rental Policies & Procedures

(a) Rentals of costumes are done by contract only.
(b) Upon receipt, unpack items and inventory all costumes. Inform RBT immediately of any damage or packing discrepancies.
(c) It is recommended that you document any unusual conditions of all costume pieces (such as with a video or camera) upon receipt and report them to the RBT to avoid damage fees upon returning the costumes.
(d) Customer is responsible for shipping both ways. RBT will box and ship items to you, then bill you for the cost of shipping.
(e) Cancellation of rental within 30 days of opening performance will result in loss of deposit.
(f) Completion and acceptance of all orders is subject to unavoidable contingencies, such as fire, damage of costumes by previous users and conditions beyond the control of the RBT.
(g) A copy of the contract, inventory sheets and care and handing information sheets must be given to your costumer or coordinator of your production to insure proper care and use of all items.
(h) When the Round Barn Theatre provides costumes for the entire performance, or for the majority of the leading roles, credit would be appreciated. "Costumes designed by Round Barn Theatre at Amish Acres, Nappanee, Indiana" Please send a copy of the program.
(i) It is recommended that prior to shipment of costumes the costumer or the coordinator of the production contact the RBT to discuss specific sizing of costumes. It is our desire to assist you in all your costuming needs prior to your production.
(j) Deposit of $300 is required within 7 business days of reserving your production dates with RBT. Deposit can be placed on a credit card. Deposit will be cashed by Amish Acres and then a check issued back to renter once costumes are returned, inventoried and additional charges deducted as per rental contract.
(k) 50% of total rental is due at time of reservation of specific costumes.
(l) Remaining 50% of total rental is due 2 weeks prior to opening performance.
(m) After assessing costumes upon return for any damages, cleaning, restoration or replacement, as noted in rental contract, and assessing any late fees, remaining deposit (if any) will be returned. RBT will contact customer with any deductions before returning deposit. Customer will be billed for any charges above the deposit amount.
(n) Costume rental dates will be defined in contract.


Production Shots


Belle with Book


Belle and Maurice


Belle Bedroom

Belle, Potts, Bouche

Be Our Guest


Human Again