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Back Roads Bike Tours

Amish Acres

Backroads Bike Tours
October 11-13, 2016

Just as Mother Nature chooses fall to paint the fields and trees along the country roads and lanes surrounding the Amish farms of Nappanee, Indiana, Amish Acres Historic Farm & Heritage Resort offers a backroads bicycling tour of all the glory. With a dozen years of experience hosting cycling events, we have created an Embrace the Pace most educational and relaxing Midwestern back roads tour for leisure. This multi-day event takes you into the world of Amish and Mennonite culture, farming, and craftsmanship.

It is perfect for couples, groups friends, and singles wishing to ride at their own pace within an organized group tour. Every pack has a leader (knock yourself out) and every tour has its tail, we’re with you all the way. Our guides are native to the area and filled with insight into your unique visit. Pedal along the scenic countryside as you share the road with the picturesque black buggies and the clip-clop of horses’ hooves. We have arranged private stops at pristine Amish farms, schoolhouses, buggy, clock and casket shops, learning the history, culture, crafts and culinary delights of Amish and Mennonite peoples. Pedal along the scenic countryside as you share the road with the picturesque black buggies and the clip-clop of horses’ hooves. Ride your bike through one of the largest Amish settlements in America and embrace the pace Amish society in Nappanee, Indiana.

Amish Acre Total Experience is interwoven with your daily rides during your visit that includes lodging, live musical theatre, family style dining, guided tours, documentary films, wagon rides, historic buildings, and quaint shopping. A custom jersey will await your arrival.

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Bike-Friendliest City in America

Jeff Potter has discovered Nappanee to be the "Bike-Friendliest City in America; "not for its new path, not for anything special, but for the Amish community's integration of the bike in with daily life, "using the power of the wheel simply for transport." He said most eloquently of Nappanee, "I saw the leanest, sturdiest, tannest, most polite, clearest-eyed people I've seen in awhile. They seemed patently to be community members paying every inch of their way, from scratch-which does something to the steadiness of the gaze of anyone. These folks get respect from motorists because of who they are every minute of the day, not for the laws they pass, or city hall meetings they shout at, or courts they sue in."
Jeff Potter, Owner, Out Your Backdoor – indie outdoors

"This is an excellent program. The accommodations are very nice and the entertainment is excellent. The educational opportunity is informative in a very casual and comfortable way. For a great, casual, educational get away it is top notch. ENJOY!" ~ Jon from Dayton, Ohio

Call Amish Acres (800) 800-4942 to enroll in this program.

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